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We’ve all seen it and it stands out like a sore thumb. A fresh paint that lacks surface preparation. i.e. dents that were not filled in with fiberglass, panels that were not straightened prior to painting, Prime coats that were not applied, painting over grease, rust and dirt. The list goes on. In this industry we call this “ Good from far, but far from good “ As a business owner your equipment represents your company. A professional paint job not only represents the image of your company, but taking the time to properly prepare a surface, ensures a better resale value when you trade it in to a dealer or when it is sitting on the auction block.

Surface preparation is critical for any industrial paint project. Our sandblasting and preparation services prior to spray painting cover a wide range of industrial equipment from construction and transportation equipment to marine, and industrial structures. It doesn’t matter what the project is, preparation equals perfection.

Hamilton Blast and Paint provide both mobile and onsite sandblasting and recoating services for the following type of equipment:

  • Transportation Equipment:
    • trucks
    • tractors
    • trailers
  • Construction Equipment:
    • bulldozer
    • backhoes
    • drilling rigs
    • excavators
    • pavers
    • compactors
    • loaders,
    • forklifts
    • dozers
    • miners
    • pipelayers
    • more.
  • Marine:
    • small boats
    • fishing boats
    • boat components
    • marine equipment
  • Infrastucture:
    • Steel beams
    • Steel framework
    • Structural Material