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Spray Painting

Hamilton Blast and Paint employs highly trained spray painters and coating specialists who will complete work requiring high spec finishes. Our company has state-of-the-art coating technology. Let’s make your equipment look great!

Coating Protection

The company specializes in applying industrial coatings from zinc filled epoxy to polyurethane topcoats. Our blast shop and large spray booth are designed to keep the environment clean while contributing to a high-quality industrial finish.


We apply high temperature paint, epoxy, and regular industrial enamel. We are able to meet our customer demands because the whole operation is under one roof which means completion is not affected by the weather.

Thermal Arc Coating

Hamilton Blast and Paint offers quality workmanship to protect raw steel for durability & lasting performance by application of a variety of processes & finishes. We guarantee safe stripping of steel, aluminum & composites.

General Coating

Complete removal of original coating with high quality, consistent stripping results. We meet specifications for improved adhesive and repaint qualities. We ensure conformance to new environmental and safety regulations.

Infrastructure Protection

Our external coating protects structural steel and general infrastructure from the influence of weather conditions that support corrosion. This prevents damage from deterioration over time and prevents expensive repairs or shutdowns.