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Sand Blasting

Steel and surface restoration. The generic term for blast cleaning metals is “sand blasting”. The term sandblasting is used to describe the mechanical action of removing paint, rust, and mil scale from an object. At Hamilton Blast and Paint we feature three specific Media. Each medium is manufactured for cleaning a specific substrate steel, aluminum, sheet metal. Plastic media: Our blast process is a low pressure high volume blast specifically designed to clean the surface of sensitive metals. The process will not clean embedded rust or stains. This process cleans only the surface and will not alter or damage the metal. Examples of what this is used for would be: automotive sheet metal, all aluminum, helicopters, and other homeowner items. Aluminum oxide: This media is used in a blast cabinet and is slightly more aggressive than plastic media and is used on small objects usually made of aluminum or small steel pieces. Grit blasting: This media is a fine textured steel grit which cleans similar to silica sand. Hamilton Blast and Paint specializes in this process as we reclaim our used media to re-use until it becomes too fine and then it goes into our waste collection drums for disposal. This media would be used on chassis, structural steel, truck bodies, and snow removal equipment. This media prepares the surface of steel for the proper adhesion of industrial coatings. It doesn’t matter what the project is, preparation equals perfection.

Spray Painting and Coating

Hamilton Blast and Paint employs highly trained spray painters and coating specialists who will complete work requiring high spec finishes. We’re ready to help make your equipment look great! Our blast shop and large spray booth are designed to keep the environment clean while contributing to a high quality industrial finish. The company specializes in applying industrial coatings from zinc filled epoxy to polyurethane topcoats. We also apply high temperature paint, epoxy, and regular industrial enamel. We are able to meet our customer demands because the whole operation is under one roof and completion is not affected by the weather. WHAT WE OFFER Hamilton Blast and Paint will perform high quality workmanship to protect raw steel for durability and long lasting performance by application of a variety of epoxy coatings & finishes. We guarantee safe stripping of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composites and urethane. No coating failure from surface preparation. Complete removal of original coating with high quality, consistent stripping results. We meet specifications for improved adhesive and repaint qualities. We ensure conformance to new environmental and safety regulations and responsibility for waste regulations. Our process eliminates the use and disposal of hazardous chemicals, and by drastically reducing labor costs associated with chemical stripping, blasting and coating. We’ll get the job done right.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Industrial facilities are some of the most demanding environments, with heavy equipment, moisture, heat, and around-the-clock usage. Hamilton Blast and Paint has quality industrial-grade paints formulated to stand up to these challenges, but it doesn’t stop there. We offer a range of industrial coatings, including epoxies, elastomerics, concrete stains, waterproofing, and more. Our blasting services enable us to clean even the dirtiest and most corroded metal and concrete surfaces to prepare them for painting and coating. No matter what the size of the infrastructure, our team will deliver value, excellent service, and long-lasting quality. Hamilton Blast and Paint has worked on various types of industrial maintenance projects and recurring programs, including: Tank Inspection, Cleaning and Coating. Pipeline Protection. Equipment, Machine and Structural Steel Blasting and Coating. Corrosion Protection and much more. We can document the current condition of infrastructure and assets to identify deterioration trends and prioritize repair and maintenance programs – before serious problems occur. We offer itemized reports that identify assets with hazardous conditions and diminished serviceability/durability. Let us make your job easier by eliminating concerns about the functionality of your equipment or unexpected periods of downtime. We’ll ensure your infrastructure is in top order and looking its best.

Fully Mobile Workshop

If you can’t bring your equipment to Hamilton Blast and Paint, don’t worry we also offer fully mobile sandblasting and painting services. We have mobile workshop trucks equipped with industrial air compressors to operate a full range of equipment. We’re ready to go anywhere anytime, and you can expect the same high quality finish and safe workmanship at your site.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment such as earth moving machinery and excavation equipment can be taken to Hamilton Blast and Paint for restoration. We’ll fix rust issues, flaking paint and ensure metal recovery. We also have facilities to provide rust removal and industrial paint services for semi trailers, trucks, tractors, bob cats and standard car trailers and mobile homes.

Machinery Restoration

At Hamilton Blast and Paint we have a diverse skill range to treat and restore all types of metals, hoist frames, forklifts, tippers, hoppers, shaker screens and even truck trailers. By using garnet blasting technology we can restore your equipment as good as new and provide industrial painting services as well to protect it and keep it looking like new for a long time.